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See what Tech and Beers has been up to in our local tech communities.

[wr_vc_lists][wr_vc_list title=”Catalyst Collaboration – 4.3.17″]Tech and Beers meets with Catalyst and plans collaboration event to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the Orlando based Co-working space Catalyst. The event will include a panel of industry experts and presentation from local start ups.[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list title=”OTB Meetup attendees closes in on 300 – 3.30.17″]Tech and Beers has another great turnout with close to 300 attendees coming through the venue doors.[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list title=”Amazon Alexa Meetup Sponsorship – 3.16.17″]Tech and Beers announce sponsorship of first Amazon Alexa Meetup at Catalyst in Orlando to help fuel voice technology innovation.[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list title=”Koding for Kids – 3.15.17″]Tech and Beers announces kickoff to Koding for Kids project with support from Google to assist in providing programming education to our youth.[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list title=”Orlando VR Collaboration – 3.15.17″]Tech and Beers will collaborate with local meetup Orlando VR to promote new VR technology and VR talent in the local Orlando community.[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list title=”Google Support – 3.14.17″]Tech and Beers gains Google’s support for local community technologists.[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list title=”Hitting the road with Launchables – 3.10.17″]Tech and Beers announce that they will introduce Launchables at major technology conference in D.C. in April.[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list title=”Orlando IoT Collaboration – 3.9.17″]Tech and Beers will collaborate with local meetup Orlando IoT to launch IoT Hackathon in April.[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list title=”Fortune 500 Hackathon solidified – 3.7.17″]Tech and Beers solidifies support and will co-sponsors IOT hackathon with winner presenting solution to a Fortune 500 company in D.C.[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list title=”Launchables micro-funding – 3.5.17″]Tech and Beers micro-funds Launchables and their MVP and connects them to major enterprises.[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list title=”OTB has fastest growing meetup – 2.23.17″]Tech and Beers hits it out of the park on just their 2nd meetup by increasing their Orlando Tech and Beer attendance by over 900%[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list title=”Sponsorship with The Catalystix – 2.10.17″]Tech and Beers announces sponsorship of  local Orlando musicians The Catalystix and other local area bands in order to create awareness of technology opportunities in the music space.[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list title=”Partnership with The Social – 2.9.17″]Tech and Beers partners with local Orlando music venue The Social to provide unique local venue spaces for future OTB meetups and to help drive business to the local area.[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list title=”Tech and Beer Fund is announced – 2.7.17″]Tech and Beers announces it’s fund for start-up technology companies.[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list title=”Orlando Tech and Beer kicks off 1st meetup – 1.23.17″]Tech and Beers kicks off first successful meetup in Orlando and plans are in the works to launch in cities such as Atlanta and Washington, D.C.[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list title=”Welcome Daniel Moore – 1.7.17″]Tech and Beers announces the addition of REV Technical Manager Daniel Moore to board to manage and guide Tech and Beer technology initiatives.[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list title=”Welcome Tommy Bliven – 1.6.17″]Tech and Beers announces the addition of REV Product Director Tommy Bliven to board to manage Tech and Beer community and event relations.[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list title=”Welcome Ty Tucker – 1.4.17″]Tech and Beers announces the addition of REV CEO Ty Tucker to board to manage Tech and Beer Fund and partnerships.[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list title=”Welcome Joshua Sutton – 1.4.17″]Tech and Beers announces the addition of Pandera CEO Joshua Sutton to board to facilitate and manage the development of Tech and Beer start-ups and tech community growth initiatives.[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list title=”Tech and Beer is launched – 1.2.17″]Pandera Systems and REV announce launch of local tech community meetup focused accelerating the growth and awareness of technology in local communities.[/wr_vc_list][/wr_vc_lists]