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The Challenge

The multiple, overlapping technology layers involved in building a smart city and connected world make it necessary to bring together diverse sets of thinkers, makers, and coders from different fields. We are organizing an IoT hackathon to allow you to push the boundaries of creativity, innovation, reality, and tech to build solutions and concepts that have the potential to make a difference in our community and in the city of Orlando. Our goal is to provide support to the city of Orlando in it’s efforts in becoming a smart city and also showing our capabilities as a community in becoming “The Smartest City”. We will provide people access to servers, data, analytics mentor, and fully equipped facilities. We will also allow hands on exposure to a wide array of sensors in the lab and help you get connected.

In addition, access to MicroStrategy analytics platforms will be provided to all participating groups. MicroStrategy and Pandera will be helping each group connect to data streams, assistance with the of use advanced analytics frameworks like R and python, and help shape the narrative and application of each group. Here is your big opportunity to build something that the world has never seen before.

Smartest City Themes

We encourage and promote collaboration between experts in the IoT field and those who simply want to learn and contribute. Although this is promoted as a challenge, the end goals is come together as a community and provide viable solutions that support Orlando’s Smart City initiatives. The Smartest City challenge will highlight our ability to identify and connect all areas of our community.

Better connections mean we all get through the day with greater ease and convenience. People receive the information they need, right when they need it. The city adapts to the needs of it’s citizens and through the use of technology we become a smarter city. By improving people’s experiences on the road, in schools, at stores, at home, at work, and in our communities a smart city will move us all toward a better life and a better world. Listed below are a list of IoT themes that will be the focus of the Smartest City challenge.










Class Rooms



IoT Hackathon Schedule

July 1st – 31st
  • Open Registration

  • Submit Group Name

  • Submit IoT Theme

  • Get ready to roll!

August 3rd
  • Orientation Day @ 5:30pm

  • Group and Mentor Introductions

  • Challenge/Hackathon Overview

  • Review of Scope and Requirements

August 7th – 8th
  • MicroStrategy Jump Start Class

  • MicroStartegy Intro

  • Data import and analysis with MicroStrategy

  • Build interactive dashboards with MicroStrategy

August 26th – Day 1
  • Breakfast 9am – 9:30am

  • Hackathon Kick-Off 10am

  • Lunch Break 12:30pm – 1:30pm

  • Dinner Break 5:30pm – 6:30pm

  • Day 1 Close 9pm…ZzzzzzZzz

August 27th – Day 2
  • Breakfast 9am – 9:30am

  • Continue Hackathon

  • Lunch 12pm – 12:30pm

  • Development freeze / Project Submission 3pm

  • Group Demos 3:30pm

  • Judging  5:30pm

  • Hackathon Results  6:00pm

Access to advanced analytical tools

MicroStrategy Desktop delivers everything you need to access, visualize, and analyze data. You and your group will receive access to MicroStrategy’s fast, flexible self-service analytics to help you maximize the impact of your data.


Become a Participant

What we know for certain is that to become the Smartest City will take some time and a collaborative community effort. It will be a process but together we can showcase our capabilities as well as support our city in it’s initiatives to become not only a Smart City but potentially the Smartest City.

If you wish to participate please submit your request by following the sign up button below. We encourage each group to push the boundaries and think of what a smart city should be and not what it can be today. Good luck and thank you for participating in making Orlando the Smartest City.

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Become a Mentor

We are looking for experienced mentors that can help guide and provide insight to our groups during the Smartest City challenge. Your leadership and expertise will be a valuable asset as the groups work on providing creative, innovative and potentially disruptive IoT solutions for our city.

If you want to get hands on and help in this community effort from a creative, data analyst, solution, or development perspective then please complete the following sign up form. We thank you for your support and we are excited to have you on the team.

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